Recycling Program

Recycling Program

The Andrew blue bag recycle program.

Residents are reminded to have your items on the front curb by 7:00 am every Tuesday.

What CAN I recycle?

  • Newsprint and heavy paper inside one blue bag.
  • Plastic and tin cans in another blue bag.

  • Collapsed and bundled corrugated cardboard (secured under the blue bag(s))

Why BLUE BAGS Only? 

Blue Bags are made from a recyclable material whereas some types of other bags are not. In addition, the blue color is a visual flag for drivers, letting them know you have recyclables for pickup.

What should NOT go in blue bags?

• Plastic toys
• Bubble wrap / Plastic film
• Styrofoam
• Un-rinsed food containers
• Diapers
• Electronics or small appliances etc.

Where Can I Buy Blue Bags?

Blue Bags can be purchased at Walmart, Cosco, CanadianTire etc.