Emergency Services

In case of emergency, ALWAYS dial 9-1-1

Make sure kids of all ages know how to use 9-1-1. Help your children learn their address and phone number at an early age.

When calling 9-1-1 from your mobile phone, provide the operator with the exact location of the incident, i.e. municipal address, county address (twp/range) or, in the event of a highway vehicle incident, as close an estimate that you can provide.


Andrew is served by the Two Hills RCMP Detachment  Dial:  9-1-1

Ambulance Services

There is a Lakeland Ambulance with a base station in Andrew.  Dial:  9-1-1


The Village of Andrew has a district fire department.  Dial: 9-1-1


Smoky Lake Hospital   (780) 656-3034

Lamont Health Center (780) 895-2211